Flourless Low Calorie Brownies

Low cal, Low fat, Low Carb. Dreamy.

This week food will be based on how to make Scrumptious food, less calories than they would normally be. To get that delicious taste and satisfaction, without the guilt.


These scrumptious little goodies can be as low as 100 calories! For extra taste, however, I added nuts and berries making the calorie intake slightly higher. I under cook them slightly in order to get that gorgeous,  gooey center. Very addictive, beware!


180g (3/4 cup) Low fat yogurt

60ml (1/4 cup) Skimmed milk (or almond/soy)

64g (1/2 cup) Cocoa powder

43g (1/2 cup) Wholegrain rolled oats

64g (1/2 cup) any natural/stevia based sweetener that pours like sugar

1 free range egg

1 tsp Baking powder Pinch of salt

150g Roughly chopped pecans (or nuts of your choice)

Berries if you choose.

Pre-heat your oven to 200°C/400°F & grease a small baking tray. Throw everything except the nuts and berries into a blender (or hand stir). Blend until smooth. Pour into tray, scatter with nuts and berries & whack it all into the oven for 20mins. When they’re totally cool, slice them up.

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